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SEPACAR - Headrest Pillow

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Comfortable nap time!

The main design of the car seat pillow is to provide the passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep, thus providing a more comfortable nap time. The side bolsters of the headrest are filled with soft and thick memory foam pads, which are sufficient as a seat cushion. 

Care for passengers

The car seat pillow comfortably supports one side of the head and neck, relaxes the muscles, and prevents the neck from fatigue, and pain. Protect your head from knocking on doors and windows. Take care of your family, friends, or business associates.

Easy Installation

The headrest is detachable and easily fixed on the headrest support rod. First, choose a suitable rubber gasket to fix on the headrest of the car seat. Then fix the telescopic support rod on the rubber washer. Finally, tighten the cover with a screwdriver.

Easy to clean

The pillowcase is made of cloth and is easy to clean. Fits most cars with head restraints (sole spacing should be greater than 3.75 inches).